Rocco Muscariello was born in Naples, Italy in 1944. After his first steps in the fashion industry he legally changed his name to Rocco Barocco. 
During his childhood and youth, he lived on the island of Ischia near Naples, where he grew up with his eight brothers. Charmed by the fashion world, he decided to move to Rome in 1962, where he worked with Patrick de Barentzen and Giles. In 1964 he started a company with Giles, which lasted for over ten years. 
In 1974 he opened his own showroom in Rome's piazza di Spagna and in 1979, after his success in haute couture, he presented his first prêt-à-porter collection. 
Rocco Barocco, who is one of Italy's most beloved and successful fashion designers, offers a fine taste of Italian beauty in fashion wear and high-end accessories. An inspirational and highly creative designer, Rocco Barocco spares nothing when designing clothing for the rich and famous. His clothing creations range from casual ready-to-wear to elite eveningwear.