Chicca B Stone Bag

 The jewel bag, decorated with authentic stones with their natural colours, is entirely made by hand by the exclusive skill of Italian craftspeople. 
No longer adourned only around the neck, the wrist or on the fingers, but a true desired item to hold in your 
hands which shows all its charm both during the day or in the evening. 
This is a handbag which is identified by jewels, luxury and elegance,  but which is also full of young drive.  This handbag has an urban look that also demands comfort and practicality for use in everyday life. 
The collections bear the name of the stone they are decorated with. 
Chicca B selects only the highest quality leathers and matches them to both the shades and brilliance of the stones. 
Enthusiasm is the driving force which stimulates Chicca B and its team every day.
Their aim is to guarantee perfection to ensure each product is unique.



RRP485,00 €
Offer Price242,50 €